8554 Hwy 7 Guelph/Eramosa

The land was excavated to remove the top soil and was filled with proper gravel and sand.
See photos below.
Removal of top soil and layers underneath to a depth of approximately 5.5 meters.
   (180 trucks, each 20 tons)
Clean quality Gravel & Sand brought to location to build up a 4m deep foundation.
   (150 trucks, each 20 tons)
Gravel and sand distribute and compacted properly to 99%.
   (1 foot thick layers compacted and built up to 13 feet in height.)
 Professional Engineering service to inspect all aspects and measure the compactness of each stage and supply a written report.

Geotechnical Engineering Construction Inspecting & Testing, Environmental Services

WORK DONE to prepare the land for FUTURE SHOP